Nashville Wedding Photographer // 2012

2012 was a great year.

Two pictures from every engagement session and wedding this year in (mostly) random order – with a few bonus pictures thrown in.

Special thanks to all of my friends, family, and awesome couples who make my job so incredibly wonderful.

See you in 2013.


bride and groom light painting

Sully - Some mega good stuff in here man. Looking forward to seeing what you can create in 2013!

ryan - you had a great year! Looking forward to even better ones in 2013!!

Derek - Phenomenal work Paul! Cheers to an awesome 2012 and a even better 2013.

Jennifer - So gorgeous! I am so excited you are going to be our wedding photographer!

Jenny Lindsey - Completely and totally amazing.

Erin - Perfection. You have such a great eye for composition!

Kim - Absolutely stunning work!

Nicole Hill - These photographs are breathtaking!

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