I said on my (now old) blog that a big change was coming.   As you’ve probably noticed, my site has been completely redesigned.  The integration of social media was important for me to connect & share content with my clients.  Also, the ability to post all of the content in one location, rather than multiple sites is very nice.  I already have quite a few events I’ll be doing this spring and summer, so should be no shortage of content to write about.  Additionally, I’ve had a few questions about how I edit my pictures, so I intend to pass on some of what I’ve learned and give an insight into what I see in my mind while I’m taking / editing pictures. 

Not all of my content has been transferred over quite yet, but I am excited about the change and wanted to go ahead and make the switch.  By next week, it should be complete though.  I thank everyone for the kind words and compliments you’ve given me and I look forward to serving more of you in the future.  If anything looks weird, doesn’t load, you’re unable to email me, or whatever–please let me know — is my personal email.  Also–let me know what you think about the switch–I’d love to hear your opinion.

I did two engagement sessions this weekend, and will have those posted soon.  Here’s a preview of the one from last Tuesday evening.

Nashville engagment pictures -- Rob & Jennifer

Toni - awesome comp and perspective.

Timothy E Kaldas - Hey Paul, I love the new blog. Very clean and chic. Also, that’s a beautiful couple portrait.

Robbie Hooper - I cant wait to see the rest of the photos… This one looks great! It was such a pleasure to work with you, cant wait to see what you do at the wedding….

Ryan Brenizer - It looks great. Will be interested to see how the integration works out for you.

Ruth - Stunning. I love the addition of the foreground. Clean and classy :) Keep it coming!

Seth Goodman - Looks great! Congrats on the new site.

Kat Braman - site looks great! great shot too.

matt - Great design. Matches this photo so well. Great use of negative space in both.

Rowan Sims - Beautiful! That’s a very well composed shot. I bet it would look AMAZING blown up HUGE!

Heather - Mid-Mchigan Photographer - In both this photograph and the new site, I really can get a sense of your style and personality. Lovely shot!

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