Lazy Weekend

For those that don’t know, our dog Layla likes to unzip her bed and burrow into it daily.  The 3 minutes or so it takes for her to do this is pretty entertaining.  I still need to throw up a few pictures from our NYC trip last week, but I’m now going to enjoy the insanely gorgeous weather—who would’ve thought after the torrential downpour we had yesterday it would be so nice today?  Off to Camden, TN later this afternoon to do an engagement session—really looking forward to finally meeting Candace & her fiance.



Candace Nunnery - Yesterday was SO much fun! I was just thinking about your dogs and wondering if they had a cow when you got home last night and wore their noses out! haha.

leila - cute dog! great capture! funny story.. i have never met anyone named leila (layla).. but i have met.. 4 dogs and now yours with the same! :)

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