A New Month

The first image below was the first sunset of the new month as seen from my parent’s front yard – a site I was used to seeing quite often prior to leaving for college.  The rest were taken in front / behind my own house in Nashville– all with my new 45 mm tilt-shift lens (a lens capable of shifting perspective).  I included an image of the infamous birdhouse because there’s a story behind it. 

Lauren and I had just purchased our house in Nashville, and were looking for something to add to the fence in our backyard.  Lauren found the birdhouse, constructed out of old building materials, at a local art festival and brought it home.  While mounting it to the fence, I dropped one of the screws, allowing just enough time for the wind to knock the birdhouse off the mounting brackets.  The rusted metal roof easily sliced the top of my hand open, resulting in a trip to the ER and 8 stitches.  My wife loves that birdhouse and I’ll never forget that trip to the ER – which means it will go with us whenever we decide to move.  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!


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