Nashville Engagement: Ashley + Jeff

Ashley and Jeff will be moving to Delaware soon. Before leaving Nashville though, they really wanted their engagement photography done here since it’s the city where they met and got engaged. That’s where Starbucks comes in — that’s the location of their first date and where their history began. We tried to hit up some iconic Nashville spots prior to ending up down by the pedestrian bridge near LP Field. Here are some of my favorite images – my absolute favorite one out of all of them is the one with the lens flare caused by some car headlights in the distance. Congratulations Ashley and Jeff on the big move and getting engaged!

Jessica - I adore your night time shots! Awesome!

Magan Blasig - So beautiful, Paul. Love the variety of locations you visited, and especially that you started at Starbucks. That will be extremely meaningful since they’re moving away. :)

Joshua Gull - Very nice Paul! Love the story too.

Mark Kalkwarf - Some beautiful images. Love the ones in the park, the colors and composition are brilliant. Very well done.

Mike - Wow, love the different views you have here. Love the shots in the park!

Ashley Gillett - Paul, these are gorgeous. So hard to pick a favorite! Love the one where they are on the blanket kissing. The sun setting behind them is just perfect. :)

Shella - Somehow I really love the starbucks pics! :D

Phill - Epic series of images Paul. Fantastic compositions and great energy between Ashley & Jeff.

Amber Hughes - What a sweet set – I really like the shots with the columns!

seth - I love those shots of them in the leaves! Very cool.

Adam Houseman - What an awesome session. They are super cute. The colors are magical. Well done.

adam padgett - Killer set Paul. Love your tilt shift stuff. Love the processing too.

Sacramento Wedding photographer - Teresa K - Super lovely Paul…the whole session has such an intimate feel to it…well done!

Amanda Basteen - Starting with starbucks can never be a bad start! The night shots are great! Love the set!

miah klein - gotta love the coffee start to the session. I love the night time stuff.

Jon Morgan - Awesome photos, The night shots are amazing…

Matthew - Epic. i love your style. makes me want to get a ts lens now!

Michelle Guzman - Great night time photos!

Heather - I don’t want to sound cheesy, but the first word that popped into my mind when I saw those photographs in the leaves is “magical”. Awesome, awesome work, Paul.

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