How long is your wedding day coverage?

All day.  Seriously.  My goal is to document your day in its entirety.


Should we see each other before our wedding?

Everyone has a different opinion about this.  My wife and I didn’t see each other prior to our wedding, and so the moment I saw her for the first time was very special to me.  I have photographed quite a few weddings where the bride and groom did see each other before the wedding — and that moment was equally special for them.  Either way, before the wedding or while walking down the aisle, seeing each other for the first time is something you’ll never forget.


Will we have the ability to make prints from our wedding photos?

Yes.  A disc with high resolution images comes with all of my packages. What if the only way to view your grandparent’s wedding pictures was on facebook?  Make prints.  Enjoy them.


How many images will we get from our wedding?

This varies and is completely dependent on the length of the day, the wedding party, time allotted for more creative pictures, as well as other factors.   The average seems to be around 600 images for an 8-10 hour day.  x 2 when you consider I give you a copy in color and black & white. Those who utilize a second photographer also typically end up with a greater number of pictures.  You receive a copy in both high resolution (for printing) & low resolution (for social media). I hand edit every image that is delivered.


What can we expect from our engagement session?

Most last for 2-3 hours.  The final image count delivered varies, but seems to average around 60 high resolution images.  x 2 as you also receive a copy in black & white.  Many couples opt for two (or more) locations, with a change of attire to compliment the change in location.  You will receive a copy of your pictures in both high resolution (for printing) & low resolution (for social media) in color and monochrome.  I hand edit every image that is delivered.


What do we wear for our engagement?

I recommend something classic that represents who you are as a couple.  You can see pictures from previous engagement sessions here to get an idea of what other people wear.


Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel and do so frequently for weddings.